Acres Cannabis

Acres Cannabis represents the culmination of the combined vision of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing a one of a kind cannabis concept showcasing one of the largest marijuana cultivation facility in the state of Nevada and a 20,000 square foot dispensary in the heart of Las Vegas.

Our vertically integrated agricultural, production and dispensary facilities bring together generations of horticultural experience to produce affordable products of the highest quality. Our 37 acre farm is ideally located in the Amargosa Valley, approximately 85 miles from our Las Vegas location.

Our mission is to harness, showcase and directly deliver the health and wellness benefits of medical marijuana to our customer and simultaneously provide a once in a lifetime venue designed to stimulate your senses through world-class talent of the arts, music, education, history and culinary industry.

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Acres Is Green

Located in Amargosa Valley, 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, our cultivation facility sprawls 37.5 acres of the Mojave Desert. Acres Cultivation is compiled of 50,000 sq ft of cultivation and 4,000 sq ft of production and extraction space.

Acres Cultivation is home to 78 feet of exclusive water rights. Having control of some of the cleanest water supply in the state of Nevada allows Acres Cultivation to sell premium product at competitive prices.

With jurisdiction of our own water supply, we are capable of instituting rigorous water conservation processes.

Uniquely designed for our desert climate, our flower is grown in light deprivation greenhouse structures. Advanced environmental controlled units ensure each zone of the greenhouse is operating at the appropriate climate.

Acres Cultivation produces 60+ strains of cannabis throughout the year. All strains are selected based on market demands.

Acres Kitchen

Acres Kitchen, a 2,000 square foot open view production room, is comprised of our edible production and cannabis extraction operation.

Our cannabis infused edibles are made fresh daily. Our THC infused edible lines includes our famous Fire OG and Blueberry Donuts, chocolate drizzled popcorn and pretzels, brownies, cookies, chocolates, and hard candy.

Acres Kitchen prides the only open-view cannabis extraction kitchen in Nevada. Customers watch as our extraction artists move through the process of removing cannabinoids and terpeness from our flower to create our fine cannabis oil.

Our facility boasts a live joint rolling machine which creates 100 joints in 3 minutes, live rosin press, and oil cartridge packaging.

Dispensary Hours

9:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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Acres Cannabis
2320 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
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