4 Different Kinds of Edibles to Try

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The advancements made in marijuana culture have caused edibles to grow outside of brownies and other baked goods. Instead, when you visit a dispensary, you can expect a variety of the best edibles ranging from candies to beverages.

Edibles have the benefit of stronger, longer-lasting highs than inhalation as the THC is absorbed through digestion. Here are four exciting types of edibles to try on your next trip to the dispensary.

Strain Types Available in Edibles

Before you choose an edible, it is important to know the different effects of various strains. Strains are usually divided into two categories, Sativa and Indica. Sativa produces an energetic, euphoric feeling often referred to as a head high. It inspires feelings of creativity and excitement, making it perfect for artistic events and being more active. Indica, on the other hand, is known for its deeply relaxing effect. This is called a body high, and it is ideal for calm, stay-at-home activities like movie marathons.

Hybrid strains strike a balance between these two effects, inspiring creativity while also relaxing the body. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound that many people find helpful for coping with pain. The best edibles for pain relief will have high CBD content. All the products on our website show their effects on a chart with sections that rank how much of a calm, happy, energetic, or relaxing feeling they produce./p>

Cannabis Chocolates

Chocolate is a favorite sweet treat on its own, and the addition of cannabis turns it into a truly transcendent experience. Options range from chocolate bars to truffle bites. The packaging will include important information on dosage, so read the label before you start eating. Check out options like CBD espresso chocolate beans that combine THC and CBD to relax your body thoroughly.

Cannabis Food Bars

When you choose a cannabis bar, you get some of the tastiest edible options out there. Cereal bars and granola bars made with cannabis butter or oils are tasty snack options that are more substantial than most other edibles. Try Evergreen Organix’s Magic Bar for 100 mg of caramel, coconut, and chocolate layered over a graham cracker base, made with care from high-quality ingredients. Choose a bar with your favorite flavors and have an enjoyable experience with one of these hybrid edibles.

Infused Beverages

Cannabis drinks are a new and exciting option for ingesting both THC and CBD. Sodas packaged with THC already included for maximum convenience are a popular choice. Other products are meant to be added to another beverage. CBD and THC syrups are designed to be poured into another drink, such as sodas, to create a drinkable form of high.

CBD honey produced by the brand Source offers a purely physical experience, with none of the THC that produces psychoactive effects. It is perfect for stirring into your favorite cup of tea for a relaxing evening at home. Look for Indica options to find some of the best edibles for sleep, such as this Blueberry Lemon flavor from Keef Life.

THC Candies

Candies are an increasingly popular form of edible. They come in a wide variety of flavors, from tropical blends, watermelon, blackberry, mango, and even cucumber. Candies are designed to have consistent THC content per serving so you can have the same experience each time you reach for those cannabis gummies or lozenges. A standard dose is 10 mg of THC, but you can adjust your dose depending on your level of experience and tolerance.

Try Cannabis Edibles Today

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