A Beginner’s Guide on How To Dab

Heating a Dab Rig for Cannabis Concentrates

There are many ways to consume cannabis. In recent years, dabbing has become one of the most popular as it is a good way to consume a heavy dose of cannabis rapidly with a relatively small load. Learning how to dab may seem daunting at first; however, here are the steps for beginners to use a dab rig for beginners.

Get the Right Tools

Before you can start dabbing, you need to get the right supplies. First, you need cannabis extract. The three most common variations of this are CO2, BHO, and solventless extracts. You can always ask your budtender for his or her recommendation if you are unsure which one is right for you.

Next, you need to get your dab rig. This is a special type of water pipe used specifically for concentrates or oil extracts. Dab nails are also essential. You can get it made out of a few different materials, but ultimately, you need one that will fit inside your pipe’s gauge.

You will also need a mini torch lighter, which is the same item used for crème brulee. This lighter heats the nail much faster than other lighters, and if you want to dab, it is a necessity. Finally, you will need a dome and dabber.

Use the Torch on the Nail

Once you have set up your rig, you are ready to learn how to dab wax with style. First, you will need to turn on your mini torch lighter and direct it toward the nail. Most dabbers heat the nail until it becomes completely red. If you use an electronic nail, then you should read your user’s manual first so that you know how hot it should get.

Let the Nail Cool

Once the nail becomes red hot, you should turn off the torch lighter and place the dome over the nail. It is ideal to let your nail cool off for at least 10 seconds if it is made out of titanium. Quarts nails should cool off for at least 45 seconds. You do not want the surface temperature to be too hot when you go in for a hit. This is a vital safety tip. Glass domes and nails can become extremely hot during this process, and you need to take precautions whenever you handle them.

Apply the Dab

Next, you will need to take your dabber and apply it directly onto the nail. From here, you will want to inhale slowly. As you inhale, you should rotate the dabber tip located on the nail. This will prevent you from wasting any oil. From here, you can exhale to your heart’s content and enjoy your very first dab.

Enjoy the Benefits

People who dab do so because of the rapid results it produces. It also results in a pure, highly concentrated product at the end. Another reason why a lot of people do it is that it substantially reduces the risk of lung damage that typically comes with traditional smoking. Anyone using cannabis for medical purposes will be glad to hear dabbing can deliver relief faster if suffering from chronic pain and other medical conditions. Dabbing is also mostly odorless, so if you are in a public space, then you can increase discretion.

Start Dabbing Today

Now that you know how to dab, you can impress all of your friends. You can even teach them a few tricks, too. To get everything you need to dab successfully, get in touch with Acres Cannabis. We have high-quality cannabis you will love dabbing.

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