Best Cannabis Strains for the Fall

Best Cannabis Strains for the Fall - Acres Cannabis

Some cannabis varieties seem like they exist just to keep us warm, calm, and happy no matter the season. We’ve identified six of the best cannabis strains for fall, and there’s something on this list for just about everyone.

Depending on the weather (and your mood), you may want to keep things low-key with a few dabs on the couch. For a smoke at your back-yard fire pit, a pre-roll may be more appropriate. Or, of course, you can always just buy flower and use it as you please. Consider the following options to find the best fall strain for you.

Gorilla Glue

“Autumn” or “fall”? “Gorilla Glue” or “GG#4”? It doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you’re enjoying it. The only thing stronger than the Original Glue’s aroma is the feeling of euphoria people report after smoking it. Fall in Las Vegas can be a bizarre mix of extreme characteristics from summer and winter, and Gorilla Glue might make you feel like something of a contradiction yourself. Are you feeling deep relaxation or uplifted euphoria? Who cares? It’s awesome.

Dosi Dos

Dosi Dos is one of the biggest reasons to be thankful for Girl Scout Cookies (we’re talking cannabis strains here). The namesake cookies aren’t too bad, either. Now that we’re thinking about it, you might as well try to find some of those famous baked goods while you pick up this bud. Enjoy some munchies as you sink like a stone into this powerful buzz.

Sunset Sherbert

Here’s another one that gets some of its punch from GSC genetics, this time mixed with the premium kush characteristics of Pink Panties. Citrusy and floral aromas combine with more herbal notes, and the combination makes Sunset Sherbert a perfect flavor for your transition from summer to fall. You might expect a happy tingle to lift you out of your weather-induced blues.

Super Lemon OG

Pair the lemon flavors with a nice warm tea, then settle in for a great conversation with a friend. Most people say Super Lemon OG makes them feel happy and talkative before they settle into more sleepy feelings. A balanced mixture of indica and sativa effects make this strain a good warmup for building a blanket fort, then napping in it.


This sativa-leaning flower is potent enough to last deep into the season, depending on your rate of consumption. This award-winner offers a taste like fruity lemonade followed by a rush of delightful energy– you might feel those summer vibes again.

Purple Punch

For one thing, most people end up falling asleep before they take more than a couple of puffs Purple Punch. Treat this strain with respect, because one punch too many might knock you out until spring.

Best Cannabis Strains in Las Vegas

You can choose from all of the best cannabis strains for fall here at Acres Cannabis. We take great pride in our ability to offer premium options for any situation, and it shows in every inch of our 37-acre farm and 20,000 square foot dispensary. Your options aren’t limited to the six highlighted above, and our budtenders can help you explore what will feel like infinite options. Shop with us to see for yourself.

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