Best Cannabis Strains for Winter

Best Cannabis Strains for Winter

Winter is a good time to cozy up inside, and what better way to do that than with your favorite cannabis strains? Some people say the right cannabis strain helps them enjoy the time spent inside without getting cabin fever. Others report that the best strain is one that gets them excited to bundle up and go do something outside. No matter how you feel about winter in Las Vegas, here are some of our favorite cannabis strains to help enjoy it more.

Green Life Productions – Miss X Bottom Buds

Miss X from Green Life Productions is one of the strongest cannabis strains in Las Vegas. Available in ½ ounce jars, these buds have been specially selected from low on their plants, where buds naturally grow smaller since there’s less light. THC levels for Miss X regularly come in at over 30%, so they pack some serious punch. The sativa-dominant effects are balanced with just enough of a relaxing undertone to help people say they feel content and entertained even while they’re relaxing indoors. If you’ve been experiencing some winter blues, this might be the green for you.

Do Si Dos

This famous descendant of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is a fan favorite among people who like to relax and unwind. Do Si Dos is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid, and people typically say it makes them feel especially content with life. Enjoy relaxed, happy feelings as you settle in with a blanket and one of your favorite movies. Beware if you plan on smoking this strain in a shared residence because the pungent smell might wake your neighbors.

Blue Zkittles

Why light a candle in your home when you can bask in the smell of Blue Zkittles. The aromas are sweet and flowery with a hint of spicy pine, and the scent might remind you of a walk through the mountains. As far as effects, most people report that Blue Zkittles is one of the best cannabis strains for settling into the couch to relax and enjoy some snacks.

Jazz X Space Dude

Tommy Chong himself brought this strain into the world by selecting a Mexican landrace and Iranian landrace for combination. Some people say they feel creative when they’re enjoying this strain, which means you can stay in and pursue your hobbies. Alternatively, throw on a Cheech and Chong movie and prepare to laugh a lot.

BONUS: Best Cannabis Edibles for Winter

For many of us, a good stockpile of snacks can help ward off the winter blues. That’s definitely the case when you can find some sweet treats that have been infused with premium cannabis. Find a kitchen that makes fresh cannabis edibles every day, and you’ll be rewarded with unique and delicious options. Here at our Las Vegas dispensary, we make edibles like Fire OG and Blueberry Donuts, chocolate drizzled popcorn, pretzels, and hard candy. You’ll be sure to find something for your cozy day spent inside.

Best Cannabis Strains Las Vegas

Come visit us at Acres Cannabis to see what the best dispensaries in Las Vegas have to offer. Our experienced budtenders will help you explore our entire dispensary menu as you search for the best cannabis strain. We’ll help you consider discreet vapes that won’t stink up your home, one of a kind edibles, and some of our favorite cannabis strains for winter. Contact us today, place your order online, or come see our full dispensary menu in person to select the best cannabis for you.

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