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Many of our customers say cannabis concentrates are their favorite products on any given dispensary menu. The budding industry has led to the creation of new technology, and professional cannabis extract producers are constantly finding new ways to offer concentrates with ever-higher levels of THC. Some experts within the field believe that cannabis concentrates may become even more popular than flower within the next few years. As you explore this development, it will be worth your time to learn more about the best cannabis concentrates at Acres Cannabis.

Choosing the Best Cannabis Concentrates

There are many factors that may have an impact on your decision as you shop around for the best concentrates. Most of our customers say there are four primary things they think while making their choices:

THC Concentration

This is one of the biggest reasons people find cannabis concentrates so appealing, after all. Since these products are extractions from cannabis flower, they offer much higher levels of THC. The best cannabis extractors work hard to create concentrates with the highest THC levels.


High levels of THC concentration are only one part of what makes a good extract. It’s also important that the concentrates are pure, especially if they’re made with solvent-based extraction. It’s critical to remove all of the solvent from the concentrate to ensure there are no chemicals that could be harmful for human consumption. Pure cannabis concentrates that are made with a reliable extraction process will also help ensure excellent flavor.

Guest Services

With so many different options on the market, it’s nice to have services that will help you identify the best concentrates. By shopping at a dispensary where the budtenders have strong product knowledge, customers can rest assured that they’ll be connected with cannabis concentrates that suit their needs.


Variety is the spice of life! Even once you find one of the best concentrates in Las Vegas, you still may want to have something different every once in a while. To that end, we recommend shopping at a dispensary where they have a wide selection of premium cannabis concentrates.

Best Cannabis Concentrate Brands

There are multiple reasons it’s important to buy concentrates from a trusted brand. For one thing, it can be dangerous to make cannabis concentrates without the appropriate expertise and equipment. Buying from a premium concentrate brand will also allow customers to know they’re receiving something with excellent quality, THC concentration, and purity. Here is just a small sampling of some of our favorite cannabis concentrate brands in Las Vegas:Aether Gardens Concentrates – This brand is on a mission to create cannabis products that are “fit for the gods.”

Bloom Concentrates – Bloom sells cannabis concentrates in pre-filled cartridges for maximum convenience.

Cannabiotix Concentrates – Experts in the field, Cannabiotix makes some of the best concentrates with the highest ratings.

Fuze Concentrates – If you’re looking for a science-first approach to purity and concentration, you’ll appreciate the care that goes into Fuze concentrates.

OMG THC Concentrates – This brand is making a name for itself as the only company in Nevada to produce Afghani hash.

Buy Cannabis Concentrates in Las Vegas

Here at Acres Cannabis, we pride ourselves on offering a massive selection of the best concentrates from multiple different brands. Thanks to our wide assortment, our customers can find all the different products they want to try. Our budtenders stay up to date with everything on our shelves, so they’ll be able to help you navigate the entire dispensary menu. Shop today to find your new favorite cannabis concentrates!

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