A Cannabis Enthusiasts Guide to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Known as the entertainment capital, Las Vegas is a 24-hour city offering everything you could want in a vacation; sun and sand at Mandalay Bay Beach, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, extravagant nightclubs, and regularly occurring concerts. In addition to becoming an adult playground and a food lover’s dream destination, the legalization of cannabis has opened the door for Sin City to become a mecca for Cannabis … Read More

5 Best Cannabis Strains for Christmas 2018

Cannabis Christmas Stocking

Christmas is upon us; a time to exchange gifts, enjoy the company of loved ones, and consume copious amounts of gingerbread and eggnog. With the neverending display of holiday treats and family get-togethers, it is possible to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, you can round out any meal or function with a few puffs of your favorite cannabis. With cannabis strains specifically … Read More

5 Organizations Fighting to Legalize Cannabis That You Should Support

Legalize Cannabis

In 2012, Colorado became the first state to vote for the legalization of recreational cannabis; a trend that has now spread throughout the entire country. Marijuana is now legal in some form in 31 states, with nine states and D.C. working towards the legalization of recreational use. Each year, more states consider legalization, passing laws that allow for recreational and/or … Read More

5 Best Cannabis Strains for Thanksgiving

Best Cannabis Strains for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to indulge. Though a turkey dinner served alongside biscuits, cranberries, and pumpkin pie is delicious, there is no better way to feast than with the accompaniment of cannabis. Whether you choose to smoke to unwind from a full meal or to enhance the feasting beforehand, various flavors perfectly encapsulate this time of year. Here are … Read More