Celebrating 420 in Las Vegas

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If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you are probably already in the know about 420. But, if this number doesn't have special meaning to you or if you have never been in a cannabis-legal state on the 20th of April, get ready for the party of a lifetime with Acres Cannabis. Our Las Vegas dispensary is a destination in its own, featuring a jaw-dropping selection of products, an on-site farmer's market, open kitchen, and art museum.

So What is 420 Anyway?

How did this seemingly unassuming three-digit number become irrevocably associated with cannabis? Although there are rumors about the origins of 420, research by High Times magazine reported the first use of the term was in the 1970s in San Rafael, California, by five high school seniors known as the "Waldos.” Whatever the truth of this tale, April 20 has since become a cannabis holiday and a pop culture phenomenon referenced by everything from the film Pulp Fiction to California's medical marijuana law (SB420).

How Should I Celebrate 420?

Nothing beats April 20th in a cannabis-legal state. When you are in Nevada, consider joining the ultimate celebration at Acres Cannabis in Las Vegas. We have even more reason to party than usual as April 20th, 2019 will also be marking the first anniversary of the Acres Underground, the only legal marijuana farmers market in the nation.

Starting at 4 p.m., we will have our valued clients for complimentary food, a cash bar, silent disco, and live music from Hot 97.5, DJ Crykit, Sega Genecide, and DJ Relaps. In addition to the fun, you can also enjoy incredible 420 specials on our diverse array of products. You'll find $5 grams, $10 eighths, and $20 cartridges. While it is all so exciting, the deals are first come, first serve, so arrive early and plan to stay until the celebration ends at 10 p.m.

Why Acres Cannabis?

Our location is so much more than an average dispensary. We grow and process numerous unique cannabis strains at our farm in the Amargosa Valley; each developed based on specific market demand from our customers. Our climate-controlled greenhouses allow us to create cannabis plants used to help treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, cancer, and countless other issues.

Our Underground Farmers Market is the first of its kind in the cannabis industry. Every Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., we host local growers and producers who share their products with our visitors. Chat about their methods, learn more about growing and cultivating cannabis, and possibly find your favorite new strain. With a rotating selection of vendors, you will want to make our market a regular weekend stop.

Acres Cannabis is home to the only open-view extraction kitchen in Nevada. In our 2,000-square-foot kitchen, you can see our operation in real time as our experienced technicians extract the active terpenes and cannabinoids to craft our oils, cartridges, edibles, and other products. Observe our bakers in action as they make our signature cannabis-infused edibles fresh each day.

Celebrate 420 at Acres Cannabis in Las Vegas

Before the special day rolls around, get ready for 420 by browsing our dispensary menu and checking out our daily specials. You can order online from Acres Cannabis 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact our team for more information about this event and other questions about the dispensary. We can't wait to celebrate with you on 420 this year!

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