Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Strains

hybrid cannabis strain

Shopping at your Las Vegas cannabis dispensary can give you a lot to take in. There are so many different types of products and strains of cannabis flower, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. To help yourself get the most from your cannabis experience, it’s good to start by understanding that different types of cannabis strains can affect people in completely different ways. This is true even for strains that have the same THC potency.

Why Do Different Strains Have Different Effects?

Some people expect cannabis to be just like alcohol, where consistent doses of the active ingredient will almost always have similar effects. The difference for cannabis, though, is that THC and CBD aren’t the only active ingredients. There are terpenes, flavonoids, and other organic compounds in the cannabis plant that can all contribute to the way your body processes the most popular cannabinoids.

This is normally called the entourage effect. There’s an emerging school of thought that a plant’s specific organic chemical makeup will change the way THC and CBD work within the body. That’s why people may turn to one strain over another when they want to feel specific effects. Every strain is different, but there are three broad categories people use to describe cannabis strains:

  • Indica - known as calm strains.
  • Sativa - known as energy strains.
  • Hybrid - a harmony of both. Hybrids can be indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or balanced.

Indica Cannabis Strains

ndica strains are most commonly associated with mellow, relaxed feelings, so most people think of them as being ideal for nighttime. When someone says that a strain gave them a big “body high,” they’re probably talking about smoking an indica. These strains are ideal for relaxing on the couch, enjoying a big snack, then getting a great night of sleep.

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are more likely to be associated with the more uplifting, energetic feelings from cannabis. People often describe the feeling of these strains by saying they have a “head high,” and sativa strains are normally the preferred option for people who want to smoke during the day. Indica strains are associated with alertness and creativity, and many people like to enjoy them before things like outdoor activities, yard work, and other more active tasks.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains, as the name may suggest, offer a mixture of both indica and sativa effects. Since people have been breeding cannabis for so long, most strains fall somewhere onto the hybrid cannabis spectrum. Hybrids may be described as either indica-leaning, sativa-leaning, or balanced, depending on the exact mixture of effects.

Some people love this type of cannabis because they say hybrid strains help them keep their feet on the ground even when their heads are in the clouds. In other words, hybrids can offer a nice combination of effects that isn’t too overpowering one way or the other.

As we learn more about terpenes and other cannabinoids, people are starting to gain a better understanding of how different cannabis strains will affect them. If you’re looking for specific effects, or just a good starting place, an experienced budtender can help you narrow down your options even further.

Best Hybrid Strains in Las Vegas

We at Acres Cannabis are proud to offer a massive selection of different cannabis strains. Our staff has excellent product knowledge, and our friendly budtenders will be happy to tell you about all of our different indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. We’re open 24/7, so you can stop by any time of day or night to experience legal recreational cannabis in Las Vegas. In the meantime, you can explore our current offering of hybrid strains by checking our dispensary menu.

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