How to Counteract an Intense High

How to Counteract an Intense High

If you’ve ever gotten too high, you know what it’s like to have too much of a good thing. Even people who love cannabis can find themselves at a level where they wish they hadn’t overdone it. Typically this happens if it’s your first time trying concentrates, if you don’t wait long enough for an edible to work its magic, or if you’re smoking with friends who over-serve you a little bit. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got a full list of tips and tricks for you to try if you accidentally got too high.

Symptoms of Being Too High

As long as you’re not driving or doing anything else that could be dangerous, only you can decide if you’re too high. If you’re uncomfortable or having a bad time, that’s when you’re too high. Normally, people report feeling uncomfortable when they’re having experiences like the following:

  • Distorted senses
  • Bad coordination, reaction time, or abilities
  • Pounding heart rate
  • Anxiety, panic, or paranoia

What to Do if You Get Too High

If you’re having feelings like any of the ones described above, you may be inclined to get less high as soon as possible. Here are a few things that most people say help them out:

  • The Black Pepper Trick – Neil Young famously said that chewing or sniffing a few black peppercorns can help reduce paranoia. That may sound like a myth, but there’s actually some science behind it. According to a study in the British Journal of Pharmacology, terpenes in black pepper may bind to the same brain receptors as cannabinoids, which could have a calming effect.
  • Meditate or Distract Yourself – It’s easier said than done if you’re feeling anxious, but focusing on calmness can actually get you to a more relaxed state. Try laying down, and possibly even distract yourself with a good book, album, or movie. If you can fall asleep, you’re almost definitely going to feel better by the time you wake up.
  • Move Around – A nice relaxing walk in the great outdoors might help get the blood pumping and get your mind off of whatever negative feelings you’re experiencing. Only try this option if you’re feeling coordinated and stable enough to walk, and don’t push your limits too much. Don’t go on a walk if you’re feeling dizzy, and definitely don't go outside of your comfort zone. A stroll down the street is good, but an intense hike is not.
  • Take a Shower – If you’re at home, a warm shower might help you feel more like yourself again. If you prefer to soak in a relaxing bath, that works just as well.
  • Have a Snack – Hydration is key, and some food might help too. Plain old water may be the best thing for you, and simple snacks are good too. Healthy options like fruits and nuts are ideal but don’t hesitate to try whichever of your favorite foods you have on hand.

Acres Cannabis Las Vegas Dispensary

Here at Acres Cannabis, our experienced budtenders will take the time to make sure you really understand every product you purchase. While we certainly can’t guarantee that you’ll never get too high, we can at least make sure you know what you’re getting, and knowing your limits is the best way to avoid getting too high. Our products are carefully tested and accurately labeled, which allows you to get the amount of THC you want without overdoing it. Start your order online, come see our full dispensary menu in person, or contact us today if you have any additional questions!

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