How to Have a Cannabis-Themed Valentine’s Day

We find that lots of people have mixed feelings about Valentine’s day. Some like to get dressed up and have a night out. Others prefer to treat it as just another day or spend it relaxing. Either way, it’s nice to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your special someone. No matter what you have in mind, you may find that cannabis and Valentine’s Day can be a match made in heaven.

Have a Movie Night

Watching a movie is one of the most classic date ideas of all time. Get cozy at home! Spending quiet time next to your valentine can be a powerful bonding experience, and of course, cannabis and movies were practically made for each other. You don’t necessarily have to pick a romance movie, either. Your partner can help you decide to catch an Oscar-nominated film or stay in to rewatch your favorite comedy for the tenth time.

Take a Stroll

There are few things more romantic than going for a walk with your loved one. Maybe you want to smoke a bowl and take a nature walk to marvel at Earth’s beauty together, or perhaps you prefer to explore your own block. Either way, walking together is a nice way to enjoy each other’s company and have a pleasant conversation. If you’re going to a special place for a walk, please don’t drive intoxicated, and don’t take on dangerous trails while you’re under the influence.

An Herbal Twist on Classic Gifts

Chocolate boxes and bouquets are some of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, and cannabis gives you an opportunity to put a fresh spin on them. Try replacing some of the chocolates in your box with edibles or cannabis nuggets. Alternatively, you can add some cannabis flowers to a bouquet of roses. Options like these are traditional and creative at the same time.

Make a Romantic Dinner With Cannabis Edibles

Shop at your Las Vegas dispensary to stock up on supplies, then add edibles to your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. You can use cannabis oil to infuse a home cooked meal, or simply buy some decadent edibles for dessert. Shop at a local dispensary with a gourmet cannabis kitchen to find something worthy of the special occasion. If your ideal date involves going out to a fancy dinner, plan ahead so you have cannabis edibles waiting at home for dessert.

Give the Gift of Glass

If your loved one has a special appreciation for pipes or cannabis gear, this could be a good opportunity to make a thoughtful addition to their collection. You can both enjoy the new pipe, vaporizer, or dab rig together. Just don’t forget to stock up on cannabis or concentrates at your Las Vegas dispensary so you have everything you need.

Give a Cannabis Massage

Treat your loved one to a romantic massage using cannabis topicals. It’s easy to learn a few techniques online if you’re not sure how to give a great massage. It’s also said that cannabis can function as an aphrodisiac, but there’s no need for us to go into any more detail on that.

Visit a Cannabis Dispensary in Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day

If a cannabis-themed Valentine’s Day sounds extra special, Acres Cannabis can help turn your romantic dream into a reality. Get handmade edibles from our kitchen, find something unique at our cannabis farmers’ market, or check our current specials. We look forward to helping you find the perfect gift.

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