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Dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our unique Las Vegas dispensary location offers a memorable experience that celebrates all aspects of marijuana culture. Elegant handmade edibles, an exploration of the plant’s history, and an exciting farmer’s market make this so much more than the average dispensary. The huge 20,000 square foot venue allows us to share high-quality products from our farm, produce treats in our kitchen, and so much more. The sleek, modern atmosphere is inviting and fits right in with the glitz of Las Vegas. As the venue is open 24 hours, seven days a week, you can squeeze a visit into even the busiest of schedules.



2320 Western Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102


Open 24/7



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Browse Great Brands In Our Dispensary

More than 400 products are available at our recreational dispensary in Las Vegas. The glass display cases and computer-organized catalog of products make it easy to browse and find exactly what you are looking for. There is a wide selection of strains and flower types, and we carry vape cartridges, concentrates, dabbing products, CBD-dominant ointments, and other products. You can also find accessories like rolling papers and smoking accessories.
We sell products from our farm, located 85 miles away in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, along with favorite brands like:

  • Kiff Premium Cannabis
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Evergreen Organix
  • Canna Hemp

Helpful and knowledgeable employees can answer your questions about different strains and product types. Besides our incredible assortment of cannabis products, you can also visit our museum area, which highlights the role of marijuana throughout history.

Acres Cannabis Cultivation

Though we offer other brands at our dispensary, we produce over 60 strains of our own locally grown cannabis. Acres Cannabis products are cultivated on a 37-acre plot, with special desert growing techniques that deflect sunlight and help control the climate inside greenhouses for high-quality yield.

Kitchen-Fresh Edibles Daily

Try the delicious artisanal edibles that are produced fresh in our kitchen. Some of our THC-infused selection includes:
  • Blueberry donuts
  • Candies
  • Baked goods and
  • Chocolates
While in our kitchen area, take the opportunity to look through the window at the cannabis extraction process. No other dispensary in Nevada has an open-view of an extraction kitchen, so satisfy your curiosity and watch the extraction experts create the cannabis oil that forms the foundation of our tasty treats. The open-view kitchen allows you to watch as the staff put together the desserts and other edibles that we have available for purchase. Our Las Vegas location also packages cannabis oil cartridges, a rosin press for making the concentrate, and a machine that rolls joints at a speed of 100 every 3 minutes.

Check Out Our Unique Farmers’ Market

Walk through the cave-like entrance to The Underground, and you’ll see a room full of vendors, the walls decorated with graffiti art, and funky decor. This particular weekly event takes place on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 AM to 7 PM, creating a space for enthusiastic marijuana consumers to talk to small businesses about their production and growing methods. Our Farmer’s Market is a great way to get introduced to new, exciting brands as they enter the market. This is the first and only marijuana-centric farmer’s market, so come see the excellent selection from vendors as they change from week to week. The market is well-organized for a smooth shopping experience.

Visit Acres Cannabis

Complete your visit to Las Vegas with a trip to the Acres Cannabis recreational dispensary. This extensive location goes far beyond the average dispensary, giving visitors a look at the production of high-quality edibles, an informative museum, a unique farmer’s market and more. Try a THC-infused blueberry donut or bag of chocolate-covered pretzels from our thrilling Las Vegas dispensary.