Smokeless Cannabis: Vaping With Cannabis

Smokeless Cannabis: Vaping With Cannabis

Cannabis vapes, and concentrates, in general, are catching up to pure flower in terms of overall popularity in the booming United States marijuana industry. Part of this is because concentrates are more accessible than ever before, especially now that you can buy them from trusted, professional sources. There are other reasons people love to vape cannabis, too. Explore some of the pros and cons to decide if a vape pen or similar product is the best choice for your marijuana experience.

Highlights of a Cannabis Vaporizer

It’s important to preface this by saying we’re not scientists or medical researchers here at Acres Cannabis. We’re just a group of enthusiasts who rely on the findings and theories of other people, and we’re still waiting to learn more conclusive facts about the long-term effects of vaping. With that in mind, let’s dive into some of the biggest reasons people like vaping cannabis.

For one thing, cannabis vape pens are incredibly convenient. You don’t need to worry about pipes, rolling papers, or grinders to enjoy them, which is great for travelers or anyone else who’s on the go. They’re relatively lowkey, too, because they often look just like standard e-cigarettes and don’t produce as much smell like a big hearty bong rip.

Furthermore, some members of the health and wellness community have taken to vaping cannabis. Smoking any material (tobacco, marijuana, etc.) has been linked to inflammation and irritation of the throat and lungs. Inhaling burned plants, even our beloved cannabis, may also release compounds that can make us uncomfortable. Health nuts also love that cannabis vapes aren’t associated with sugar, and calories like so many edibles are.

Is Vaping Cannabis Stronger Than Smoking?

A small study by Johns Hopkins medical researchers seems to indicate that the effects of vaping cannabis are stronger than those from smoking it, at least among people who consume it infrequently. This study notes that, specifically, people may be more likely to experience adverse short-term effects like paranoia, memory loss, distraction, and anxiety. For those reasons, vaping cannabis may not be an excellent first experience with the plant. If you’re already a cannabis enthusiast, though, cannabis vapes may be a way to get stronger effects without increasing your actual dose too much.

For the study, researchers administered six doses (three by vape and three by regular smoke) to willing participants. For both the smoke and the vapor, there were doses of 0mg, 10mg, and 25mg of THC. After consuming each dose of cannabis, participants had their basic vital signs measured and were tasked with completing a simple survey. We’ll glaze over the observation that this may be one of our favorite studies ever conducted, and focus instead on the outcomes.

Within minutes of consumption, people who had received a 25 mg dose from vaping cannabis reported feeling an average score of 77.5 for the overall strength of their effects. Compare that with an average score of only 66.4 reported by those who had smoked the very same amount. This is a significant difference. We’ll interpret it as measurable data to say that vaping cannabis is, in fact, more powerful than smoking it the old fashioned way.

Examples of Common Cannabis Terpenes

If you’re still on the fence about choosing a cannabis vaporizer compared to other products, take your time and peruse all of our options at Acres Cannabis in Las Vegas. Our large inventory is almost sure to have something you’ll love. Contact us any time, and an experienced budtender will help you weigh your choices.

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