Strain Spotlight: Citrus Sap

Citrus Sap cannabis flower

When it comes to finding the ideal smoking experience, it all comes down to finding the perfect strain. Each strain has a different balance of relaxation and euphoric properties, as well as many differences in taste, smell, and smoothness.

Citrus sap is a unique strain that involves a good balance, featuring a strong citrusy scent that really makes it stand out from other strains on the market. It is a well-loved favorite among Portland, Seattle, and Las Vegas residents with no signs of it going anywhere anytime soon.

What Is Citrus Sap?

The Citrus Sap strain was cultivated by Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics, two well-known companies that have created a number of highly popular strains over the years. It is a cross between two other strains: Gorilla Glue #4 (a powerful indica) and Tangie (a sativa known for its flavor), both of which lend their strong effects to the product of their pairing. This strain is most immediately notable for its mandarin orange aroma (a direct inheritance from the Tangie genes), but has several other noteworthy features as well:

  • High yields on plants
  • High calyx-to-leaf ratio
  • Large resin production
  • THC content of between 17 and 24 percent (much higher than the average sativa)

Though it leans more heavily towards the sativa end of the spectrum, the strain (and the flowers of the plant itself) still displays many features common to indica plants, such as a high sedative effect and tapering flowers that bunch together quite easily. The flowers of the plant Citrus Sap is derived from are covered in trichomes that give off a silvery, sappy appearance, which, along with the unique fragrance, is what the strain is named for.

Citrus Sap Effects

Though this hybrid is technically classified as a sativa strain, it displays the benefits common with both a sativa and an indica strain. Consumers report feeling happy when trying this product, closely followed by relaxation. Around 80 percent of users report feeling uplifted, 75 percent mention feeling euphoric, and 60 percent claim to feel a boost of creativity while using this particular strain. Some users also cite this strain as an excellent way of dealing with insomnia and a loss of appetite.

Citrus Sap Flavors

The flavor of this strain is often cited as its biggest benefit from those looking to try something fresh and new. The citrus element tastes of sweet mandarin oranges and tangerines, and is complemented by a sweetness that other strains simply can’t match.

Citrus Sap at Acres Cannabis

The Citrus Sap strain brings the best of both its parent strains to the table and promises an interesting experience for anyone looking for a good, balanced smoke experience. For more information on this amazing up-and-coming strain and to learn how to get your hands on some yourself, contact us at Acres Cannabis today!

Image Credit: Shutterstock: Roxana Gonzalez

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