Strain Spotlight: Gorilla Goo

Gorilla Goo Cannabis Strain

Picking a cannabis strain can be a difficult decision to make if you are not a cannabis veteran. You may find yourself swimming through a sea of tough-to-define verbiage, wondering about the difference between Indicas and Sativas, and running back-of-the-envelope math to figure out whether an eighth-ounce of a low-THC strain packs more punch than a gram of a high-THC variety.

Luckily, there are cannabis professionals here to help and recommend their favorite strains. One of the best strains out there today is Gorilla Goo. A hybrid strain with superior genetics, effects that are more of a soft touch than a heavy hitter (though it can hit hard, too), and the perfect strain for relaxing at home or under the stars. If you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep, need a mood boost, or want to binge on your favorite TV show, consider Gorilla Goo.

Gorilla Goo Heritage

Born out of a mixture of Indica-dominant Afgoo and a hybrid strain of Gorilla Glue #4 (A.K.A. GG4), Gorilla Goo packs astounding genetics into each one of its flowers. Both of the parental strains are known for their couch-gluing results, or for turning you into a motionless goo―perfect for a lazy night watching TV.

Through GG4, Gorilla Goo also shares some genes with other heavy hitters like Sour Diesel, Chocolate, Diesel, and Sour Dubble. If you’ve enjoyed any of these strains previously, then Gorilla Goo is sure to be a favorite, too.

Gorilla Goo Flavor Profile

With a piney, earthy flavor with a backing of sweet notes, Gorilla Goo tastes and smells like cannabis should. The smell can be pungent with this hybrid strain, and its Gorilla-Glue-heritage brings with it some chemical undertones to better demonstrate its punch.

Gorilla Goo Effects

Any time a strain has the word “goo” in its name, you know that an energy-booster it is not. While reviewers recommend it as an aid when fighting depression or feeling down, the main effects will be relaxation. Other users have stated that this strain has helped them battle insomnia, chronic physical pain, and muscle spasms. Gorilla Goo may be able to help make the pain manageable and provide a sound night of sleep.

Those pursuing a more recreational use of Gorilla Goo should be confident in its ability to keep their mind and body in a peaceful, relaxing state. It is perfect for splurging on hours of your favorite TV show or for spending a night outside pondering one’s place in this swirling mess we call a galaxy.

Gorilla Goo typically has THC levels in the mid-20's, meaning it packs a cannabis punch. Its CBD levels are also higher than other related strains which is where it’s relaxing effects come from.

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If you’re ready to turn yourself into putty, watch some good TV, and get a restful night of sleep, try Gorilla Goo. Make sure to contact a licensed cannabis store for more information about this or any other strain.

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