Strain Spotlight: GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) is one of the most talked-about cannabis strains right now. It deserves all the praise it has received. Impressing some of the world’s biggest cannabis enthusiasts enough to win multiple Cannabis Cup awards. This hybrid strain is renowned for packing a lot of power, which is why its genetics have been used to create such heavy-hitters as the Animal Cookies strain. Before fully appreciating Animal Cookies, though, it may help to learn a little bit more about GSC.

GSC Strain Origins

Before it was known simply as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies was cultivated in California by some masterful growers. It’s a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, both of which are also beloved in the cannabis community. OG Kush has left its mark all over the California Cannabis scene after arriving in Los Angeles in 1996. Durban Poison came all the way from Durban, South Africa, where it likely descended from an African landrace strain. It took a lot of effort for Durban Poison and OG Kush to meet, but we’re glad some dedicated cannabis breeders made it happen.

What to Expect from Girl Scout Cookies

The first thing you’re likely to notice about the GSC strain is how strikingly beautiful it is. The fluffy buds have a light green base with spots of much darker green that may even trend toward blue or purple, depending on how it’s been handled. Thin orange hairs seem to extend out from deep within the green nuggets, and this flower is absolutely coated with a nice dusting of crystals. Fans of this strain often say it makes them feel euphoric and relaxed at the same time, and that a little bit goes a very long way.

Animal Cookies

The Animal Cookies strain builds on what GSC started, and the result is extraordinary. People are starting to become aware of Animal Cookies, and we have to imagine it’s only a matter of time before this strain takes the world by storm. It impresses even cannabis connoisseurs thanks to its sophisticated flavor and high cannabinoid content. Animal Cookies seems to hit people even harder than other strains with similar THC content.

Animal Cookies Strain Origins

Girl Scout Cookies was crossed with another legendary strain in Fire OG to create one of our something that maybe even better than its parents. Fire OG is also a hybrid, but it’s often associated with experiences that are just slightly more calming than what you may expect from GSC. As a result, many people consider Animal Cookies to be a perfectly-balanced hybrid strain. Animal Cookies is a clone-only strain, which makes it more difficult to find, but it’s definitely worth it.

Animal Cookies Taste, Smell, and Effects: What to Expect

Animal Cookies normally come in super-frosty, dense little buds that are dark green with hints of purple. It’s often hard to tell exactly what color the flower is because there’s so much shiny resin all over it. The sweet and sour taste is another hint that this hybrid strain means business, and you’ll be able to feel it right away. Expect heavy relaxation to fill your whole body as pleasant thoughts give your mind a boost.

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  1. Planning a trip to Vegas soon. Need to locate something for pain that will also provide energy as opposed to calm. The pain I am dealing with is bone & joint as well as muscle. My Dr.’s have said I will never be pain free but that cannabis is a good place to start (now that I am opiod-free) to dull the sharpest edges of it. I cannot smoke or vape. I would love to find it in a topical but after some experiments from my last trip I think the CBD would be helpful also. Can you recommend a topical and a CBD oil with THC? And can you tell me what the delivery charge is if I am in Vegas city limits or how does that work?

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