Strain Spotlight: Orange Cookies

orange cookies cannabis strain

For those seeking an extra kick of unique flavor in their cannabis, Orange Cookies is the strain for you. Combining a lively citrus aroma and taste with a long-lasting and calming buzz, this hybrid strain inherits from the well-known GSC line crossed with the sweet Orange Juice strain. The result is the best of both worlds, creating an experience of its own, whether used recreationally or medicinally.

What is Orange Cookies?

The Orange Cookies hybrid strain is an offshoot of the famous Cookies line, which originates with GSC (formerly called Girl Scout Cookies). GSC's extreme potency—in flavor, aroma, and high—is tempered by Orange Juice for a more balanced strain. While it stands out in other senses, its appearance is standard for indica-leaning hybrids; apart from a curious orange and purple tint in the leaves and buds.

The scent is tangy and sweet, with a hint of herbal tea emanating from broken bulbs. Smoking it produces an amazingly smooth cloud that smells even sweeter, likened to cane sugar. The flavor leans much more towards Orange Juice than GSC; instead of a general sweetness, smoking Orange Cookies evokes the taste of biting into a juicy, tart citrus fruit. Under the citrus flavor is a hint of GSC's earthy tang.

Orange Cookies is classified as a 60% indica/40% sativa hybrid. Its reported THC content varies somewhat; however, the range is above the average for hybrids, falling within 15% to 20%. Similarly atypical for hybrids, its CBD content is rather low: less than 1%, with some results giving as low as 0.02% CBD.

Orange Cookies Effects

Orange Cookies creates a long-lasting high that is universally described as cerebral, euphoric, energizing, and calming all at once. The more cerebral buzz emerge quickly after use, and the body high follows in time. This is a perfect strain to kick back and relax with while retaining just enough of an uplifting buzz that it won't knock you out entirely. The happy, mellow state of mind is also cited as good for creative endeavors or simply appreciating life.

For cannabis consumers vulnerable to anxiety, Orange Cookies is a safer option. This owes to its indica-dominant heritage and moderate THC content, creating a mild high that many anxiety-prone consumers report as more calming compared to other strains. The primary side effects are those that come from any indica or indica-leaning strain—namely, dry eyes and mouth. A few individuals report an increase of paranoia with frequent use, though, so keep that in mind. Additionally, some consumers report headaches if not hydrated enough.

Orange Cookies Uses

The balanced buzz that Orange Cookies induces makes it useful for both active and contemplative pursuits. The energy it provides helps keep you alert during the day, but not overly so; some turn this towards creative tasks, while others simply use it to combat fatigue and provide much-needed focus. As the buzz also tempers the relaxation provided, users may also feel compelled to get up and move—this makes a good complement to hiking and exploring.

Like most cannabis strains, Orange Cookies can alleviate a number of common symptoms: pain, inflammation, nausea, and loss of appetite. The euphoric high that it provides makes it especially useful for alleviating depression, easing and energizing the user. Conversely, its relaxing effects can help with easing anxiety, even with relatively low CBD content.

Try Orange Cookies Today

Day or night, smoked or consumed as you please, Orange Cookies uplifts you in body and mind with its remarkable citrus aroma and flavor. To learn more or get your hands on this unique strain, contact Acres Cannabis or visit our Las Vegas dispensary today.

Image Credit: Roxana Gonzalez

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